For each project, Noran Energy will provide a typical Project Management and Engineering Services team for Client integration structured as below.

Project Management

The Noran project management will work closely with the client and liaise all requirements, schedule and cost projections towards the subcontractor ensuring all technical requirements and expectations are delivered on time, safely and to budget.

Contract Management & Preparation

Our contracts group will work closely with the client ensuring all contracts are clearly defined and prepared. All subcontractor engagement and tender process will be undertaken. A formal screening process will be executed in readiness for subcontractor recommendation to the client and subsequent contract award.


Noran will provide all key discipline engineers to assist the client with preparation of all technical input documentation for tender. The engineering team shall manage all technical queries from the subcontractor and ensure all output documentation meet with client expectation and approval. The engineering team will meet regularly with the subcontractor ensuring delivery is to the correct specification providing safety, functionality, constructability, in line with cost and schedule.

HSE & Technical Safety

Our HSE and Technical safety team will liaise with the subcontractor to ensure any technical issues and the overall design are in line with current safety practices and standards. In addition, all safety studies such as the HAZID, HAZOP and QRA etc shall be managed by the team for and on behalf of the client.

Planning & Scheduling / Cost Estimation & Control

All phases of engineering shall be planned in accordance with the overall project execution strategy. Noran will manage all planning activities on behalf of the client towards the subcontractor, in addition to cost estimation and control. At selected project phases Noran will perform a cost, schedule and risk analysis (CSRA) to identify any potential cost/schedule overruns and initiate mitigating actions.

Construction & Constructability / Mech Completion & Commissioning

Shall be managed by Noran directly towards the subcontractor on behalf of the client at every phase of the project.