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Noran Energy's PME Team: Bridging Design, Construction, and Client Vision for Over 25 Years.

Noran Energy provides a fully mobilized Project Management and Engineering (PME) service team to interface with the client and the engineering subcontractor provider. Acting as the client representative, our dedicated team has over 25 years of experience in both design and construction to provide a fully integrated engineering facility. Working as an integrated team with our client, Noran can provide along with project management all the technical discipline specialists to ensure the clients expectations are met towards the subcontractor with cost, functionality and safety in mind.

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Business Case Development

Our business model is to generate value by using our core multi-discipline team combined with their diverse entrepreneurial skills to provide innovative techno-commercial solutions for potential investment and development opportunities within the oil & gas industry.

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Project Management & Planning

Our in-house expertise orchestrates the entire project lifecycle, from feasibility evaluation to final delivery. We conduct a Cost, Schedule, and Risk Analysis (CSRA) at crucial phases to anticipate and mitigate any potential overruns.

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Engineering Solutions

Our in-house experts in Oil, Gas, and Renewables engineering serve top global producers. Leveraging our alliances and support network, we deliver advanced, cost-effective solutions to our clients.

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Execution follow-up

We are committed to working with our clients and following up solutions through execution, ensuring Noran Energy's requirements are met for correct interpretation and high-quality delivery.

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Quality Assurance & Inspection

Utilising our in-house team of accredited Quality Assurance and Inspection specialist, we ensure the engineering solutions and field execution is implemented to the project and client Quality Assurance requirements. Noran’s team includes certified weld and coating inspectors with extensive inspection experience in Oil, Gas and Maritime industry.

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Specialist Engineering Resourcing

Relying on our pool of resources, we provide high quality and dedicated Oil, Gas and renewables resources to our clients. This includes managerial expertise as well as engineering discipline leads and administrational assistance. Through qualified agents, Noran Energy provides its resources to some of the Major E&P operators including Equinor, AkerBP & Shell ass well as other main EPCI contractors.